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Oldies/60's song need title & group know a few lyrics


Song probably from late 60's. Used to hear it on one of my albums, prob not on airwaves a lot if at all.  Had a "ballad" quality to it, the singer hit highs kind of like  the 3 Dog Night  lead singer...could even be from an early 3 Dog Night album though I searched.  The singer laments as to how in love he is with this girl and he has to "give her up"  Song I thought was titled "Give it up" or "Givin Up" (it is NOT Breaking up is hard to do!)  The "catch phrase" is "Give it up, I can't give her up" oh no no no no no (it is not a fast beat, it's a strong vocal as though he is going thru some great emotional pain)  I can't find this song ANYWHERE although I did think the name of it was "Give it UP" or "Givin' Up" Pretty sure it's a white group/singer, not Soul Group, not 4 Tops, Temps nothing like that.  It was def a band, not individual singer.

I remember bits and pieces of the lyrics, see below...

"The way she kisses me, makes me feel warm inside ....

"The way she touches me, makes me feel (something) inside...

and I can't get away....

I can't give it up oh no no no no no no no

Give it up I can't give it up

A little research tells me that you're probably thinking of Can't Give Her Up by Skipworth & Turner. "Can't give her up ...'cause I love my baby." It came out in 1986 and has quite a funky, soul sound. I realize that you said it's not a soul group but that's the way this black duo sounds to me. Not a bad song even though being another obscure one which I hadn't heard before.


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