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Hi! I am trying to track down an oldies song I heard at work, it was on a greatest hits Oldies CD but I don't have the name of the song. I've heard it many times, it's very popular. It begins with some type of clapping, then a "wahhhh wah wah wah" type of singing; the singer sounds like Elvis but it's not Elvis. Then there is talking in the middle/end of the song, it sounds like he was talking to an ex girlfriend or something.
I hope this is enough info!! Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)

Hi Vera

I believe you're thinking of "Little Darlin'" by The Diamonds. It was a huge hit in the springtime of 1957. The original version was by a black group called The Gladiolas. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for groups of color to get substantial airplay at that time in many parts of the country. So The Diamonds, a white group from Canada, recorded the song and it was their version that became popular.

Here it is:


Do let me know if that's the one you were thinking of.

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