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Oldies/They're saying it all over Turkey


My father told me once about a popular song from (I'm guessing) the 40s or 50s (could be earlier).  The first line I can give only in phonetics.

Ka ka bluey vas, ka ka bluey vas,
They're saying it all over Turkey

It has been a few decades since he told me about the song, so my memory may be a little faulty.

Any ideas about the song, such as where I might hear it?


Hi Shep

The first song that came to mind when I read your lyrics was the novelty song Pachalafaka from 1958. It was also done by Soupy Sales in 1965. In each case, it was the intended flipside but folks loved it and made it popular on its own.

Here is what it sounds like. Is this it?

Thanks for asking,



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