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My Mom used to play us a song on her ukele that started with "I took my girl out walking late one Saturday night, took my girl out ..."    She is in hospice now and we would love to sing that song to her if we could get the lyrics.  She was born in 1930 and I guess was of the early frank Sinatra era.  Thanks, Hugh

Hi Hugh
So sorry to hear about your mom's situation.

The song you're seeking was sung by fraternities on campuses years ago and it's likely where your mom learned it.

The lyrics are:

I took my girl out walking late last Saturday night,
I took my girl out walking the moon was shining bright.
I asked her if she'd marry me and what do you think she said
She said she would not marry me if the whole wide world
were dead.


That's why I do like I do like I do, my darling,
Do like I do like I do, my darling,
Do like I do like I do, my darling,
Do like I do like I do.

Last night I went to see her happy as could be,
Tonight she's out with another she cares no more for me;
So here's to a bottle of whiskey sparkling and so clear,
It's not as sweet as a young maid's kiss but a darn sight
more sincere.


Oh you must be a Beta, a Beta Theta Pi,
For if you are a Beta you'll be one till you die;
So sing your songs of Wooglin boys and raise your voices high
For you must know the best of all is found in Phi Kai Phi.

Here is a link to the melody:


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