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Oldies/tattoo of usa on womans body


who sang the song about tattoo of USA on female body.  listened to it in the late 50's or early 60's .  I want to say Ferlin Husky or Farion Young.  I would like the name of the artist and the lyrics to the song.

Hi Linda

That's Skeets McDonald. He did it on the B-side of his 78 RPM release "Mean And Evil Blues".
I'm sure others did it, as well (Homer And Jethro did it on an LP that I recall) but this is the original. Skeets wrote the song, as well.

Hear it here for free:

Once I married a tattooed lady
Twas on a dark and windy day
And tattooed all around her body
Was a man of the good ol' USA
And every night before I'd go to sleep
I'd jerk back the covers and I'd take a peek:
Upon her leg was Minnesota,
On her knee was Tennessee,
And tattooed on her back
Was good old Rack-em-Sack (Arkansas)
The place where I long to be.
And on her (wolf whistle) was West Virginia
Through those hills I just love to roam around;
But when I saw the moonlight on her Mississippi
That's when I recognized my home sweet home.

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