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Hi Lou, Just seeing your response to the last person regarding Jimmy Durante's Frosty The Snowman. Can you point me in a few directions in terms of where I can find that title on 45 as well? Also, I am looking for Doris Day Silver Bells, Andy Williams The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, and Baby It's Cold Outside by Whiting and Mercer. All on 45. Any help from you or anyone on this board, would be EXTREMELY appreciated! Kind regards, Michael

Hi Michael

You'll be in the used market, which can have ebb and flow to its inventory as well as volatile pricing spikes, depending on the current listings.

Here is a Doris:


The Andy Williams song was issued as a single in 1968 and was not a wide or successful release. Therefore, there are limited commercial stock copies in existence and I've mostly seen promo copies. However, when they do show up, they tend to go for $75-$150 a piece, as with this closed auction:


With Andy, you just have to get lucky and find one that is undervalued or meets your budget.

On the other hand, here is a copy of the Whiting/Mercer going for $15 plus shipping:


Hope this helps,



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