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The Four Seasons drummer was not part of the story of the Four Seasons in Jersey Boys.  Why is their drummer overlooked, who was he and what is the story of him?

I think a great topic for your 60's Satellite Survey.

Thanks Lou, you are the best!

Hi Gary
The Four Seasons were a vocal group. Therefore, they counted on backing bands in live shows and on session musicians on recordings. Buddy Saltzman was their drummer of choice in the studio beginning around 1963. Before that, they used other players as cast by the AFM for each session.
On the road, they used shared backing groups in multi-artist shows and contract orchestras at more formal shows at venues in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.
So,in essence, they had no drummer, per se.
However, Buddy was the drum "sound" of the group starting around the transition point between their Vee-Jay sides and their Philips era.
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