When The Fab 4 first hit the USA, several of their songs were hitting the radio waves. I noticed many were on different labels.
SWAN, Vee-Jay, Tollie, ATCO, and MGM.........if their label was Capitol, how did these other hits appear on so many other labels?
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The Beatles were signed to Parlophone in the UK, an EMI company. Capitol is their American sister label. So, Capitol gets "first look" at all the UK releases with a window of time during which they can decide if they want to release it in the US or not. After that period, EMI/UK can shop the master to any label they want.
Since Capitol continually passed on all Beatles material in 1963, the UK company cut one off deals with smaller labels so as to get US distribution.
It didn't pay off....the group had no hits in the US in 1963....but once Capitol said yes in November of 63 for a January 64 release of a single and album, the songs that had been licensed out to the indies all surfaced. Thus, the onslaught of year old material all hitting the market here at once during the first few months of 1964.



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