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Would like to know who sang.  More.    Some words are. More than you ever know my heart longs to hold you so, my life will be in your keeping,laughing ,weeping...

Hi Dianne
"More" is what you call a 'standard'. That is, there is no definitive version. It was recorded by, literally, hundreds of singers between 1963 and 1969.
The biggest hit version on the pop charts was in 1963 by Vic Dana.
However, pop singers like Steve Lawrence, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, etc....they ALL did it on their albums back then...some slowly...some with a bit more rhythm.
The song, itself, was first an instrumental. It was a very big hit in that form by trombonist Kai Winding in '63. That's the one that most people remember but it did not feature the lyrics.
The melody was written for a very odd movie called "Mondo Cane". The song does NOT fit the nature of the movie, at all.

If you go to youtube.com, search for more and then put an artist's name after it and you'll hear many fine versions of the song. Kai is the best instrumental....any of the singers named above offer up excellent reads of the vocal versions.

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