Don't know,if these are misprints, or if not, what the reason would be for the change in spelling,.............
The Belmonts had, "Tell Me Why" on the Sabrina label, and "Come On Little Angel on, Sabina.......After, "Come Softly To Me" on the
Dolphin label, everything after that by The Fleetwoods, was on
Dolton.........same color, lettering and logo, but different spelling. Would you know if this is a goof, or is there some explanation.......??
I'm just a crazy 45's fan!! Thanks Lou

Hi John
The Seattle-based Dolphin had to change their name because a NY company already owned that brand. So, they changed it to Dolton after their first release.

Tell Me Why by The Belmonts was on their own label, Surprise Records. Again, that name was already trade marked so they changed it to Sabrina for two releases and then settles on Sabina.
I've never been clear as to why they dropped the "r".




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