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Oldies/I.D. MARKS ON 45 RPM'S


This may seem a little "out there", but, I know there are I.D. or record numbers inscribed on the vinyl as well as printed on the label. They're found in the blank space between the label and the grooves.
I noticed on Johnny Crawford's hit, "RUMORS" from '62, aside from the number, I found hand written in script the words,.........
"Nashville Matris".....the last letter may not be an "s", kind of hard to make out. Johnny's Del-Fi label was in Hollywood, and was wondering if you knew anything about something like this. I didn't check, but, I'm sure there may be other 45's that have some script writing in this area. Any clue??
People think I have too much time on my hands!!!!
Thanks Lou,

The matrix number is the manufacturing key to assigning the correct master recording to each side of a disc. Over the years, some artists have used this real estate to send messages. John Lennon was famous for it. Check his Apple singles and albums for notes like "John Loves Yoko" or "Peace in 72", etc.




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