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Oldies/Song titled "Whispering"


Back around 1955 or so, my father would play a 78 RPM of "Whispering".
I am hoping you will know who recorded it.
I am not sure what year it was recorded, could be from the late 40's maybe? The beginning lyric is "Whispering while you cuddle near me, Whispering so no one can hear me".
Thanks for any help you can give me on this. It would be so awesome to hear it again.

Now here's a song which I actually can tell you something about, maybe because it's been covered only about a million times. But that's because of it's original beautiful creativity. I searched through my sheet music collection and found that it was originally recorded in 1920 with lyrics by Malvin Schonberger and the music by John Schonberger (his brother?). The amount of cover versions are all you need to know that this song was a hit. Some of the covers are by Jock McDermott & his band (with xylophone), Paul Whitman & his Ambassador Orchestra, Benny Goodman (on claranet), Les Paul & Mary Ford (1951), Whispering Jack Smith, Chet Atkins, also The Pied Pipers (1940's). Somewhere I suspect there was a doowop version done as well but I couldn't find it. This song is long overdue for another cover version.


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