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In my collection, I came across a 45, "Remember Last Summer" by The Four Winds on SWING records........listening, to it, was a sound-a-like of The Tokens and their hit, "Tonight I fell In Love." Researching, I find, IT IS The Tokens, who also recorded under the names of, The Coeds and The Buddies. All this happened around '64, after their two big hits in '61. I know the group owned B.T. Puppy records, and SWING was an offshoot of that, but, why the several name changes for a well known, unique and established group like The Tokens?? Having had a long relationship with Cousin Brucie back in the day and many visits to WABC radio station, I was aware that sometimes over 200 new 45's would come through the station for the "jocks" to check out. Wouldn't it be more beneficial for the group, already having hits, to keep their original name on the record to maybe catch the DJ's eye??
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he Tokens owned the Swing label and released records under different names hoping one would hit. Under any one name, they had to space out the releases but with different monickers, they could throw more mud against the wall.
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