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As a little boy, when I was first at summer camp (probably in 1960 or so) they used to wake us up with this crazy song called "Mule Skinner Blues." Tell me as much as you can about this song, its origins, who popularized it, what lyrics it ever had (if any), and who had the "big hit" with it, if you can. Thanks so much, Lou!

Hi Rich
"Mule Skinner Blues"was written by the legendary Jimmie Rodgers in the early 1930s as one of his Blue Yodel songs (Blue Yodel #8). In the early 40's, it was made into a hit by Bill  Monroe, the bluegrass legend, and that's when it got the new lyrics and title we know today, Mule Skinner Blues. The version you heard at camp was, likely, the hit version by The Fendermen, two singing guitarists from the University of Wisconsin's Madison campus. They named themselves The Fendermen since they both played Fender guitars. Coincidental trivia: both of them had the exact same and year.
Here is a link to hear their big version from 1960:

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