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My name is Daniel Griffiths and I am from Exposure Radio and I am creating a music show on the 1950's. I would to interview about that decade as I believe your expertise, could give me the insight needed for the era of music.

I am based in the UK, but if we could do this interview of skype that would be brilliant. I am looking to record the interview anytime before the 26th of February.

If you're free anytime between now and then that would brilliant. Thank you in advance if you consider to do this.

My skype: WelshDragonDSG and personal E-mail is:  

Below I've added the type of questions that I would asking you.
Many Thanks


Tell us about the style of music that was listening to in the 1950s?
What do you like about the 1950s era of music?
1950s saw artists break way from the mainstream pop music, was it a good decision?
We also saw more instruments being used in the 1950s, what do you think of this happening?
Do you think that the 1950s made some of the best music artist?
Do you think there was a lot of variety of genre of music?
What's your favourite song or artist from the 1950ís?
Do you think that the lyrics mean more in the 1950s than today?
Do you believe the 1950s was the birth of rock and roll music?
Do you believe most of the music from the 1950s is timeless, with artist such as Elvis Presley still being played today?
We did see Jazz and Blues turn into Rock ní Roll, do you think it was converted at the perfect time?
Do you think Artist like Chuck Berry, set the bar for Rock ní Roll Music?
Whatís your thoughts on Country Music throughout the decade?
Whatís your thoughts on how this era of music spread across the world?
Whatís your opinion on how Europe handle this style of music? As at first they was just re-creating and then started making their own?

Hi Daniel
I will be in my NY office on Wed, Feb 25 and can take a few minutes to converse with you.
Not sure about the Skype session. I'll check with our IT staff on that capability on the company machines.
Please communicate with me at to make arrangements.


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