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Oldies/Oldies/1930s "Me Too" Song


How can I get the Music to this song? The lyrics are correct. :-) I would love to know to give to my sister. Thank you, Sandy

Oh, I've got a baby sister

and she's learning how to talk,

but there are just two words that she

has learned to say, Me Too!

She follows me around the house

and plays with all my toys,

and at times I think I'll pack

and run away, Me Too!

I wanna go out, Me Too!

I wanna stay home, Me Too!

I wanna take a rocket to the moon, Me Too.

I wanna chew gum, Me Too!

I wanna play ball, Me Too!

I'm gonna lose my temper pretty soon!  

(Giggle) Me Too!

Oh I know she's just a baby

and she'learning how to talk

but the same two words

are drivng me insane, Me Too!

Hi Sandy: Apparantly a popular song. I see it was discussed here a few years ago and here is the answer posted. (Peter - mentioned - is also a friend - so tell him hi for me.)

Peter Muldavin (aka Kiddie Record King at has a recording of "Me Too" (aka "Copy Cat") which he can, for a small fee, provide to you as an mp3 or on a CD.



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