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QUESTION: You found "What's another Year"? by Johnny Logan?????? Where????? I've looked for one everywhere!  Please tell me where to find it!

Thank you, Dave.

ANSWER: Hi Sheila,

You must love that one, huh?!  LOL  Here's the Youtube link:

And the CD: (there are other places)

Happy Listening!  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello!  Yes, I like that song very much indeed - meant much to me when I was younger - and thank you for showing me where I can buy it. Bought it ! off the Amazon site you sent me. It was the last one they had. Didn't want to explore other places in case I didn't find it. Oh my!
I hope the song is on that CD. They didn't show a list, but I'm sure it'll be there. How come I couldn't find the thing when I searched??!!
But then, you are the expert!
Thank you, Dave. I have loved finding two of the songs that have bugged me for years...thanks to you.

Thanks for letting me know, Sheila.  I really enjoy helping others with music. My favorite was a guy who had no words but said he could hum it. So I had him call me and all he had was mmmm mmm mm. I  kept saying "sing that again.....wait a I'm singing was "Deep Purple" by Nino Tempo & April Stevens.  It's fun when someone is happy to find their song.




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