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The Bonnevilles originated in Harlem, NY. I know becauseI was a member of the group when we recorded both Lorraine @ Zu Zu.and we had another called Popeye.
The members of the group were Albert George, Bobby, Eugene(Sporty)Griggs,Sonny Ford and myself, Itury Shomo.
William Maxwell, whom we called Max was our manager. Boy those were the good times. I will be 78yrs. old on January 22nd. It would be a blessing if I could see those guys again. Hope this helps you if asked again about the Bonnevilles. I can be reached at  if you wish to correspond.

Hello Ituri.  Thank you for the info.  I sincerely hope that I will be asked.  I would have had a hard time finding that information.  ZuZu and Lorraine have always been two of my favorites, both of which I, of course, have on several compilation CDs.  I don't believe I ever heard Popeye.  I never found a Bonnevilles CD.  I believe there may have been 1 or 2 LPs in the early 60s (Meet the Bonnevilles on Drum Boy) but I never knew whether it was the same group.  If "Bobby" was Bobby Merkt, then maybe it was your group.  Anyway, the next time I listen I'll think of you.

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