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Oldies/Can you tell me the name of this song


I heard this song on the radio in the very late 60's or early 70's.
It was on the radio about the same time as After Midnight,  the only lyrics I can remember are " And i'm going home rolly rolly and I can hear that funky music on down the line"
I'm about as sure as I can be about the "rolly rolly" parts

Hi Swen
Not totally ringing a bell with me based on those lyrics.
I did think of a mid-70s song called Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, which has some great lyric about funky Dixieland music...but that's not around the time of After Midnight, if you're referring to the Eric Clapton single.
If you can think of anything else about the song or the recording, please let me know.
And do go check out Black Water...just in case.
Hoping to help further,


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