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Sometime back in early 1997, I was listening to a local alternative rock station on my radio and I heard this song with these lyrics; "Traveling quickly going nowhere" but I cannot remember the name of the song or the artist who did the song. I apologize if this sounds too vague but it's all I remember. If this helps I remember it sounding like an alternative rock song. If you're able to help me find out what this song could be that'd be great, if not, I'll understand, thanks.

Hi David,

You may be looking for the song "Big Chair" by Reacharound, which reached #28 on the Modern Rock chart in 1996.  "Traveling quickly, going nowhere" is just one line of the song, but the timeframe and the style matches. I'm not aware of any other songs that come as close; so, hopefully this is it.  Here is a link to the music video for the song:



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