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I'm trying to find out the artist and ear of a 60's song that, I believe, was called "Good Morning (or Mornin') Girl". I haven't heard t in years and I heard it on a local radio sttion earlier this week - but I don't know which station.

The first line (and all I can remember of it) is:

"Good morning girl, how'd you sleep last night . . ."

I would really apprecate it f you could give me any information about it. It stired up some old pointed memories.

Thanks very much,


Hey Norman,

"Morning Girl" was by a true one hit wonder act called the Neon Philharmonic. It was made up of members of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra backing a singer named Don Gant. The song was written by Tupper Saussy who went on to be arrested for tax evasion and who also wrote a book about James Earl Ray and became a MLK conspiracy theorist. Interesting guy.

Anyway, in the spring of 1969, it was a top 20 hit and is a beautiful song. Their original album, "The Moth Confesses", is available on CD but is rather expensive. Perhaps you can find a used copy on eBay. They also have a compilation of all their Warner Recordings but that's out of print. The song, I'll bet, shows up on a less expensive, more interesting compilation of one hit wonders from that era. Check around now that you have the artist and title and you'll find it.
Good taste. I always loved that song.

Thanks for asking!


PS...the lyrics:

Mornin' girl, how'd ya sleep last night?
You're sev'ral ages older now
Your eyes have started showin' how
The little girl's growin' now
Mornin' girl, was that you last night?
Crying on the radio
Beggin' for a way to go
To go back where love wasn't jumbled so
Oh, no, things are different now than they were before
You know love is more than kisses
A whole lot more
Mornin' girl, put your dreams away
And read your box of Cheerios
And powder-puff that pretty nose
And go out and find your man where the wild wind blows
Mornin' girl


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