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chef0908 wrote at 2006-12-17 21:44:00
Pretty sure the group was the Dells.

GTOJake wrote at 2009-01-25 05:11:20
the name of the song is "The Bells" by Baby Washington recorded in 1959...a friend of mine in basic training in 1961 at Lackland Air Force Base, TX used to sing the song and it was 20 years later before i heard the actual record...i bought it at a record convention in Dayton, OH.

Michael wrote at 2009-08-11 19:39:59
The song is named "The Bells".  It was made by song artist Baby Washington and then released again in about 1971 by Bobby Powell.

Ms Gee wrote at 2010-10-19 17:49:09
The song you may be looking for is 'The Bells (On Our Wedding Day) performed by Baby Washington in the late 60's early 70's

Thomas Lee wrote at 2011-01-20 20:54:56
The song was "The Bells" by Baby Washington. It was released in the late 1950s. You can link to it via Youtube:

lissa wrote at 2011-02-13 08:01:36
Hope this information in helpful.   the song is called 'The Bells' written in the 70's by Bobby Powell.   good luck

larren wrote at 2011-12-29 23:05:28
i remember the song it was by, group with a male lead. it may have. the name "the wedding song". Smokie robinson sang a song of the same title. or was it titled "our wedding day" i remember it being in the chorus.  

Stew wrote at 2012-01-09 00:43:23
It was a group like the Dells, or Delfonics or Dramatics.  I need to find this song, too.

eljay wrote at 2012-04-09 15:32:44
The Bells(on our wedding day) was song by "Baby Washington", released in 1959.

keke wrote at 2012-09-30 14:11:50
It was a man who sang that song, very soulful voice. It was definitely on an album, I remember my father playing it around Christmas.

Hattie smith wrote at 2013-06-19 04:26:43
I am still wating for an answer Who sang the bells started ring on our wedding day it was a male lead singer with a group the song was slow 1971

bigheart wrote at 2014-12-12 00:57:41
To the person looking for more information about this song.

It was a group of male singers...if this is the same song, my parents played this vinyl record as I was growing up when they celebrated their wedding anniversary.  Bear in mind that their anniversary is the 23rd of December.  So, I can't recall if the song is a wedding song or a Christmas song....


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