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Arkwright wrote at 2008-11-05 02:07:57
My late grandmother (Born West Yorkshire in 1897) used to sing a version of this regularly, and she included "K-K-K-Katie, swallowed a tatey", "tatey" being local dialect for potato.

carla wrote at 2010-10-12 20:39:45
My family used to sing something similar to 'swallowed a platey'  we sang

'kkk katie swallowed a halpenny, two penneth of chips, a fish and half a loaf

the night before that she swallowed the doormat and now she's trying to swallow the knob of the kitchen door'  

maybe there are different versions!  

keith wrote at 2011-08-24 08:18:23
This is the version that I know

Oh kitty the Katie, she swallowed a ha'penny,three pence worth of chips and a half penny change, The night before that , she swallowed the door mat and now she is trying to swallow the key of the kitchen door.

Jill Down Under wrote at 2014-12-03 21:51:50
I remember :

K-k-k-Katie, she swallowed a halfpenny and now she's trying to swallow the key to the K-k-k-kitchen door.

When the m-m-m-moon shines over the cowshed I'll be waiting at the k-k-k-kitchen door.


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