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Carla Burge wrote at 2009-09-27 01:52:17

 I believe this is an old english folksong as my great great grandfather came from england and he sang it to my great grandfather who sang it to my grandfather (Born in 1901) and great aunt who sang it to my mother (she was born in 1920) who sang it to me.  There are more words  Below is the version they sang:

 In a cool shady nook, by the side of a brook,

 two syoung maidens sat fishing one day.

 They talked as they fished

 and the younger girl wished

 for the lover she never had known.

 The elder girl said with a toss of her head

 cheer up dear and don't be so blue,

 for if I'm not wrong, then you'll not tarry long

 for there's somebody waiting for you.

 somewhere, somebody's waiting with a heart so true

 sometime, you'll find somebody for you, you you.

 A youth passing by heard the maiden's reply and he joined in their chat half in fun.

 "Tis true what they say, someone's waiting for you and I wish you that I were the one."

  she paused for a while then she said with a smile,

"I don't know, but maybe it's true.  And if you're not wrong that you'll not tarry long, for there's somebody waiting for you."

  Repeat chorus of Somewhere somebody's waiting with a heart so, you, you.

DJ wrote at 2015-07-27 17:58:49
I grew up hearing my parents sing this a bit different.  For the time is not yet, and I love you my pet and there's someone waiting for you........


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