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Don Vick wrote at 2008-03-18 21:53:31
Actually the song "November Snow" was by a band called "The Joys" from around 1967 - 68.  It's is almost impossible, if not impossible to find out anything about this band or a copy of the original

Don wrote at 2009-01-28 03:11:37
"November Snow" was actually originally recorded by a band named "Rejoice" - Dunhill #4176.  It was released in 1969 climbed only to #126 on the pop charts and #31 on easy listening.  I have been trying to get a copy for decades.

Michael Patrick Moore wrote at 2009-10-21 17:16:42
I'm Michael Patrick Moore,the drummer for Rejoice. Tom Brown was the singer and writer of November Snow. His wife, Nancy played bass and had a wonderfull voice. Tom, I think, was an exceptional writer of that time. Jay Lasker thought the same when he signed us to a recording contract. As was common in those days, studio musicians were used for the studio recording. Terry Melcher was our producer and after a few weeks of the actual band(myself, Dick Conte on piano, Tom Brown on guitar and Nancy Brown on bass) recording, Terry lobbied to bring in Hal Blaine, Joe Osborne and Larry Knechtel to lay down the tracks. By 1968-69 the music business machine had taken over, and studio musicians were the way to go for most producers in L.A. I lost track of Tom shortly after Rejoice broke up in 1969. Nancy and I continued to play together for awhile back in Marin county. Then she too, seem to vanish. Last I heard, she was in the Sacramento area, but that was a long time ago. I just saw Dick a few months ago. He's a very well know jazz pianist in the SF area and doing great. I'm playing with a blues band out of Reno(Jason King Band)and also continue to play with Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs from San Francisco. BWGP is in our 38th year!

Pete Letheby wrote at 2010-01-09 09:32:02
The song talks about a stillborn baby. I loved it when it came out and, ironically, lost a baby son because of a cord accident in 2003. I would love to find out if the lyrics were based on a true incident.

Joannakathryn wrote at 2010-01-29 06:48:05
The song "November Snow" was originally done in late '68 by a group called "Rejoice."  It was played on Top 40 stations, but didn't make it very high, if I remember correctly.  I found the LP years later and still have it.

GeneralSam wrote at 2010-06-27 00:04:33
I have a scratchy recording in mp3. Send me a blank CD and a prepaid self-address mailer and I'll send you the recording. Respond to my emal.

Pete Letheby wrote at 2010-06-27 17:52:31
I like it when online downloaded services claim to have an endless library of recorded music but never have these obscure classics like "November Snow." I can't find it anywhere online

Flogsausage wrote at 2010-08-05 02:45:15
I have a good MP3 of November Snow.  If you would like, I can e-mail it to you! I offer this because I know what it's like when you just can't find a song from the past!

Haku wrote at 2011-02-20 16:29:33
The November Snow you are asking about was written and recorded, in 1969, by a band called Rejoice!. It tells the story of folks in the California redwoods gathered to witness a birth that turns out be a stillbirth. I have an MP3 of the song that I'll be happy to send to your email.  

Peter wrote at 2011-04-12 04:41:39
Anyone who has an MP3 of "November Snow," I'd love it! Send it to pletheby@hamilton.net and thank you very much!

les wrote at 2011-05-29 15:33:40
November Snow, written by Tom Brown, recorded by Rejoice on the Dunham Label; flip side is Quick Draw Man, also by Tom Brown. Arranger on both songs is Steve Barri. I have the original recording in my hand now. Listening to it brings sad moments;

November Snow, stretching far away,

on  a California morning,

People talking low gathered all to see a baby bornin'

But the doctor shook his head and left the rest unsaid.

And the people knew, someone would never be,

someone would never see a California morning.

And I can see him in the morning with his face shining brightly through the redwood trees

And I can hear him in the morning with his voice singing sweetly on the early breeze

And I know that we are brothers though there will always be others to calm my pain.

And when I touch him in the morning I believe that we are one with the seasons and the rain

What kind of man I wonder would he would be, nobody answers except the pebbles and rain and the flowers growing free like tiny dances

And the doctor shook his head and left the rest unsaid.

And the people knew, someone would never be, someone would never see a California morning...  

LadyMadonna wrote at 2011-11-29 13:55:11
It was through this song while my husband was a DJ in the late 60's that I met my future husband. I loved the song right away. He kept the 45 and framed it on our 11th anniversary. It was a very special song in my life.  

Terry wrote at 2012-09-22 01:12:52
I have the album by Rejoice and I still love it after 40 odd years. I was first attracted by the song November Snow but this is a rare album where most of the songs are very listenable rather than a few cuts. I was an FM DJ at the time the album was released and I have heard thousands. This one was and is a keeper.My album is still in good shape.

Were the Browns from the group The Browns who did Old Lamp Lighter etc.?

Jody wrote at 2013-04-12 21:46:06
Have been looking for November Snow for years -- would be over the moon, if someone could send it to me via email.

Many thanks,


GeneralSam wrote at 2013-05-30 06:45:11
I found the single version by Rejoice at Amazon for about a buck.

Peter Letheby wrote at 2013-08-02 05:56:58
I have an mpeg file, it's also on my I-pod list. E-mail peterletheby@gmail.com if interested.

Robert Ruane wrote at 2013-11-15 05:38:30
I recall hearing this song as a seven or eight-year-old in early 1969, and I was haunted by the sadness and poignancy of it. It snowed a week ago where I was, and I thought of this song and checked it out on You Tube. I could not get the song out of my mind for days.

TC wrote at 2015-12-19 06:26:23
I still have my original 45  I was about 16 and had been playing in bands for a few years.I loved this song but cant recall any of my friends that were familiar with it It is available to listen to on utube

Carol wrote at 2016-09-30 21:11:00
I was Tom and Nancy Brown's kids' babysitter in the late 60s. (Hi Dick, Hi Mikey.) Really wonderful musicians and vocalists. The last time I saw Nancy, she was in an all-women's group and had changed her name. I am sorry to say I don't recall the names, but it was 45 years ago. If someone wants my copy of their vinyl album, message me on Facebook: Carol Elizabeth Mann. I don't want the burglars to get it, and my heirs won't appreciate it. 9/30/16


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