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Agg wrote at 2008-03-09 13:42:11
Jo Stafford (I think) and some guy did a parity of this song. It went something like this; He sang "Tell me will you darlin' why you look so bad tonight. There's bags around your eyeballs, and there red instead of white."  and she sang "Wellit was thisaway, You came when I was alone, shucks I shoulda known that you was temptation. You smiled, lurin' me on, my heart plum gone, 'cause you was temptation. It'll be thrillin', ifin you're willin', but ifin it never can not be then pity for me cause you was born to be kissed, I couldn't resist 'cause you was temptation, and I was yourn. Here is my heart, take it away, and say that we'll never never never never never ever part. here's my heart take it away. My hearts on fire (far), fer yoooooou!" . . . Or something like that.

Linda wrote at 2013-03-26 07:10:18
I have memories of another version, but don't know the artists' who did it.  It was a "Hillbilly" type band, male and female singers and as I was around seven years old or younger, I was really taken with it.  It's stayed with me all these years. I just listened to the June and Johnny Cash version, which has the flavor, but I miss all the background music the band provided.

LindaM wrote at 2015-03-02 15:57:33
did you ever find out who sang the "hillbilly" version of "temptation"?    I remember it and LOVED it.  Thanks


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