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Timothy Kolosick wrote at 2006-10-17 04:39:20
I remember this line from an old comedy record.  The text started something like this:

"My name is Mo Gamble.  The jungle is my home.  The animals are my friends."

Another voice:  "Look out, Mo!"

[sounds of wild animal growling and gun shots]

Mo: "You never know who your friends are."

Later in the recording Mo Gamble says:

"..we entered pigmy country, where the men are as small as carnations.  Ungawa, I think there's a man in your button hole.  He didn't have a man in his button hole.  He didn't even have a button hole.  I was just trying to lighten the tension with sort of a joke."

My roomates and I used to listen to a recording of this in the late sixties.  It was an old 78 rpm recording, I think.  I'd really like to know if it has been reissued on CD.

n8 wrote at 2008-09-26 04:24:36
I doubt you will check this as you posted it a long time ago...but here's a shot at helping you. I am only in my 20's yet I know exactly what you are referring to. I grew up listening to a 45 of this. The performer/comedian who did this was Eddie Lawrence, the name of that track was "King Arthur's Mine".  The flip slide on the "Coral" label 45 that I had growing up was "The old philosopher". I have been able to find and download "The old philosopher" but have had no luck regarding "King Arthur's mine".  Another quote from this was..."two tickets to the Perry Como Show."  Anyway, hope this helps...if you ever read it.  

The Biltmore Trio wrote at 2013-07-06 21:43:51
"King Arthur's Mines" by Eddie Lawrence (the flip-side of "The Old Philosopher"



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