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CMTGirl wrote at 2009-06-24 17:01:54
I just wanted to add something here, Fiddlin' Arthur Smith Did Write The song Beautiful Brown eyes along with Alton Delmore of the Delmore Brothers. However He was NOT the Guy who was known as "Guitar Boogie" Smith After Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith Came out the next album Fiddlin Arthur Smith released was called The Original Fiddlin' Arthur Smith & his Dixieliners.

"Arthur Smith's fiddling style was more influential in the South than that of any other fiddler except possibly, Clayton McMichen".

This artist should not be confused with Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith or Arthur Q. Smith, a Knoxville songwriter, who sometimes co-wrote songs with Jim Eanes.

Beautiful Brown Eyes was also recorded by Roy Acuff, This may have been the other person you were thinking of.  

Fiddlin' Arthur Smith was my Great Uncle & I had the pleasure of watching him play his fiddle & although I was just a Young Girl I will never forget gathering around that Shady Porch watching & Listening to him entertain us.

Natty Bumppo wrote at 2013-11-12 17:11:20
Arthur Smith the fiddler is not the same Arthur Smith, who did Guitar Boogie.


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