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Oldies/finding the band The Astronauts


Eddie wrote at 2006-06-20 12:46:39
The group went on from Tulagi's in Boulder, to their own club in Denver. Also, the "surfing sound" they created was done with their instruments (not studio electronics). Jazz guitarist Johnny Smith (Denver)heard the sound and in a very short time a group called the Ventures came on the scene with Smith as a key figure in their production effort. The sound created by the Astronauts was stolen and recreated by several surf/hotrod bands in the 60's. Those of us at the U of Colorado, heard it first and will never forget the era!  

Rob wrote at 2006-07-11 01:38:11
I know a member of the band.  Bob Demmon.  Why is the original poster looking for them?

Road Man wrote at 2006-10-13 18:19:16
Dave and Robert,

Thank you for allowing me to input to your mail. I went to every gig the Astronauts did in south eastern Nebraska. They were fabulous! I've read somewhere that at least one of the members is deceased, don't remember which. One of them Fifield,Lindsey,or Demmon played at that surfing festival at Catalina island for many years. He played my favorite instrumental of the group "Hot Doggin". There is some info on the net from 1989 of the whereabouts of the group members. Try getting a hold of Butch Berman at his web page The Berman Music Foundation(Lincoln,NE). He might be able to help. We were big fans of the Astronauts. Thanks for your interest in a group that many overlooked. For a group of college students studying for various careers,they sure did well. They always packed a huge crowd and the music was great for dancing. They really put on a show especially on Ray Charles song "What'd I say". If either of you find anything on there whereabouts please let me know, I'd like to talk to them again.


Rene Melendez

mustangyts wrote at 2008-01-25 13:12:57
Guitarist and singer (and impersonator) Dennis Lindsey passed away from a heart attack sometime in the 1990's, thus ending the occasional reunions Astronaut fans enjoyed for many years after the original fame.

Bill Hyder wrote at 2008-10-10 18:32:32
Rich Fifield, lead guitar player lived or still lives in Boulder for many years. He had his on band called the Rich Fifield band in the early 80's. He actually played one night at Tulagis during the brief ownership of Shotgun Willie's out of Denver. There are many contacts in the Boulder area. Tim Gallagher,(brother of Jim, the drummer). Jim at last count was the owner of a bicycle shop in Arvada. Thats been some years back.When these guys played street dances in the early 60's it was a crazy scene. Life was good!

Peregrinator wrote at 2009-03-25 01:33:58
I have an original vinyl copy of their 1963 album called "Surfin' With The Astronauts."  Great stuff.

Alex wrote at 2009-07-14 22:19:22
I just picked up a complete Astronauts collection on Cd from Collector's Choice music. The prices on there are kinda high but they specialize in hard to find stuff

A Fan wrote at 2009-10-26 01:15:20
Hi Robert,

I have a high school friend from the 60's who lives in the Boulder, Colorado general area.  He told me last year (2008), that every once in while he will see Rich Fifield in one of the area he appears to be still in the Boulder area.  Dennis died many years ago and Bob Demmon was an area music teacher in the public school system...maybe still is???  Hope that helps!  They were a great surfin' band!!!  Fifield was there head guy/leader I believe.  They performed at Tulagi's and at CU.

Ian Cranny wrote at 2010-08-12 19:29:15
Bob Demmon lives near San Diego Cal I believe Coronado. He has had throat cancer and has to speak through a Microphone very nice man signed all my Lp's. John (stormy),Patterson lives in the greater Phoenix Az area. I have all there original records. I need to get the Cd's hope that helps.

6L6 wrote at 2010-08-14 04:21:58
I last had dinner with Rich Fifield in 1995 at the Red Lion up Boulder Canyon. He was looking/doing great at the time and was very enthusiastic about his current band named "City Lights".

Info above on dennis Lidsay is correct. Dennis was a tortured soul after his tour in Vietnam and his passing was a blessing in many ways.

Jim Gallagher was still living in Boulder and had done very well with a business he started long ago.

Bob Demmon was Director of Music at Coronado (CA) High School for many years. He is fighting cancer as noted above. Great guy full of great stories!

SUDS wrote at 2010-10-20 01:26:42 nice it is to read all of your great stories and memories of the Astronauts.  I was a member of another Denver area band in the mid-60's called the Roadrunners.  Rich Fifield actually came to our East Colfax club (le Bistro) and sat in from time to time.   I remember how hot Boulder bands were at the time ... Astronauts and Moonrakers anyone??    Just curious ... if any of you remember a live album called The Astronauts Live at Tulagis?  I actually owned a copy of the album, but someone stoled it while I was in the Army ... along with some Beatles albums.  I loved the Tulagis album because it was a genuine LIVE recording and sounded exactly like a Friday night on the "Hill".  If anyone knows where to find --- or is in possession of that album, I would love to have a copy.    In the meantime ... thanks for sharing all the great memories ... it was a fun fun fun era and it's nice to know there are others out there who feel the same.  

M123 wrote at 2010-12-19 20:50:35
Bob Demmon was my History teacher in 6th grade in 1992-1993. He also lived around the street from me while I was growing up!  Then he became our high school's computer teacher after he had a laryngectomy due to his cancer. He was such a WONDERFUL man.  All his students loved him dearly.  He just passed away yesterday.

George Stroh wrote at 2011-09-24 18:44:09
I promoted most of "The Astronauts" concerts and dances in and around Lincoln, Nebraska in the 60's. I was also a member of our band, "The Marauders" (recently nominated to the Nebraska Rock & Roll Hall of Fame). "The Astronauts" were a talented surf music group who inspired many other groups, inculding ours. I lost track of them and was so sorry to hear about the passing of Bob Demmon and Dennis Linsey. It would be great to hear from Rich Fifield, one of the best guitar players ever.  

ophelia wrote at 2012-03-30 04:57:02
I know Rich Fifield. I am happy to say he is alive and well and living in N. Denver.

johnfharrisjr wrote at 2013-06-27 05:20:53
Just picked up a pretty clean copy of "Surfin' with the Astronauts" with the plastic wrap still on the cover at a thrift store for a buck.  Great, crystal clear, sharp sound with the best surf guitar twang.  I love the liner notes on the boys where they said they'd take surf boards back to Colorado and "snow surf".  I wonder if that ever happened?  After reading their bio and learning that Dennis Lindsey and Jim Gallagher were drafted, I couldn't find any details about them postwar and was sad to learn from 6L6 about Dennis Lindsey.  If SUDS is still looking to replace his purloined record, Amazon has the live AOK album for $30.

Jim Higby wrote at 2016-04-05 19:34:53
I went to school in San Francisco in 1966-67, and lived in a residence club called The Kenmore.  During that time a guy who called himself Stormy moved in. We became friends, and he played some guitar for fun, but I did not put all that together until I asked where he was from. When he told me Boulder, I mentioned The Astronauts, and told him how big they were to us in Nebraska, and he then told me he was Stormy Patterson. My first celebrity! I had been at Kearney State College for a few years, and they had the largest crowd when they played. Our pledge sink was to Boulder, but they were not playing there during that time. My biggest memory of that sneak is that I never remembered anything from the weekend. I sure would enjoy seeing Stormy, and I think he might remember me. Nice guy, and he fit well wit our friends at the Kenmore, and I was sad he didn't stay there longer. We live in Mesquite, Nevada now, and it would be awesome to run in to him sometime. I still love Astronauts music.


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