hanamengko wrote at 2009-05-25 14:17:02
LOVE (by Lala Suwages)

Sometimes I want you as the dream your dream

Iíd like to kiss your sleepy face

I lay there and pray

You never ever go away

No one could take your place

And in the morning when you smile ďHelloĒ

I feel the sunshine in my heart

My love isnít blind

Iím never ever changed my mind

Iíll die if you should leave

OohÖ  love you are for everything

Youíre the song I sing

Your music is forever

Love, I have never heard such a lovely word

A word that means together

Love, I will give to you and I will be true

Until my life is over

Youíve make my world go round

Iím never let you down, my only love

The day I look at you, My life began

You gave me reason to be here

My heart seems to know

Youíll never ever let me go

I always have you near

Hoq wrote at 2011-08-23 17:35:08

Love by Lynsey de Paul, its on Youtube

Been looking for it for yrs, When I ran into your post I did some more search and found it. I did know who sang it. Thanks bunch.

rudi wrote at 2014-03-16 17:05:02
Hi Liza,

The song's tittle is 'LOVE', but I don't know who sang it. I also try to find this song too


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