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A friend of mine is searching for a song called "Red,Green,Yellow and Blue"  He thinks it's by Dickey Lee but I have done a major amount of searching on sites about Dickey Lee and his songs and I have yet to find that song title on any of the you have any idea who might have sang this song?  I've been trying to find the song for him but I haven't had any luck and I have a feeling he might not have the right artist.  I don't know where else to turn..I've tried doing searches on the song title and all I get are ink sites....LOL!!!!!!!  Anyway, I sure hope you can help me!!!  Thanks for your time :)

Pamela- "Red, Green, Yellow & Blue" was indeed recorded by Dickey Lee. It only reached #107 on the US charts in 1968. Anything out of the top 100 is difficult to get information on. It is on the ATCO label #6546. you may get lucky if you Google the top oldies record stores around the country. There may still be some copies around. Good luck, Stu


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