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Oldsmobile/Buick/transmission problems.


My husband isn't very car savvy and I think his transmission is going out we have all the signs but leaking transmission fluid.  But it is leaking something I just don't know what it is.  He thinks its either the flywheel or the torque converter  or both.  But if those are in the transmission and the transmission in going out those will too right so here are the symptoms he has

1) Shaking.

3) Delayed drive or reverse.

4) A neutral condition on brisk acceleration from a stop or when going around a turn.

5) Burning smell.

6) Check engine light.

7) Transmission Slipping.

8) Harsh shifting and wrong gear starts.

He has all of the symptoms of a flywheel and torque converter going out



2)Clutch Drag



1)Loss of Power

2)Torque Converter Noise

3)Abnormal Transmission Engagement

4)Transmission Surging

He has been experiencing some of these symptoms for up to 3 years and some as recently as yesterday.  Any advice?

Thank you :)


Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, you did not provide a year, make, model and or how many miles the car has on the odometer. The only way to be certain with these symptoms is to have the car diagnosed by an ASE Certified Mechanic. Your best bet is to take the vehicle to a mechanic that specializes in transmission repair.

With a burning smell present (related or not) I wouldn't hesitate in having the car inspected. There could be a genuine safety concern present.

Kandra, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Don't forget to rate my response to you.

All the best,

Ed McKenna


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