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i have a 1980 cutlass supreme and i am having problems removing the stock radio.i removed all the screws on the there screws under holding it in?it has an ashtray under the radio.any help would be appreciated. thank you


There should be four screws underneath of the facia bezel (if it is a stock OEM radio). If you have an aftermarket radio installed than it would be difficult for me to tell. I agree with removing the ashtray to see if for some unknown reason the radio is secured from underneath. Also check to make sure that the wiring and or the fit of the radio doesn't have it jammed into place. You might have to do a bit of back and forth, side to side to dislodge it.

Fred, if you any more questions please term free to ask. Send me a followup, I'd like to hear how it turns out. Don't forget to rate my response to you.

All the best,

Ed McKenna


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