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Oldsmobile/Buick Repair/check engine light on 1991 LeSabre


Lawrence wrote at 2011-07-06 15:12:13
Hey I have The same car. I have replaced the cam sensor the coolant sensor, water pump, 2 breaklines, coils, Ignition Control Module, Spark plugs, and other stuff. The car still warms up badly when its chilly. I need a new timing chain. if you say your car has no hesitation and runs smoothly, but the light is still on then it could be a sensor. I'm not sure where you live but in certain autozones there is specialists who can read the codes, They place a bent paper clip under your radio into the computer plug spot and then the Check engine light starts to blink. By counting each blink and the time between each set gives numbers that you can look up in a book. I would say try that, also it might be your Crank sensor or something around there, check under your car for leaks and strange smells after you start the car. Good Luck! -Lawrence ...If you have fixed the problem let me know what it was maybe it would help me with my problems. Thanks  

Tony wrote at 2013-10-06 21:03:34
Hello Debi,

 Well it looks as though I might be a little too late but if you got this code and replacing the cam position sensor didn't fix it, "check engine light still comes on", this most likely means that the cam shaft sensor interrupter is what the problem is. It is not an easy or cheap fix. It is a magnet that passes by the sensor, it most likely fell out as this happens quiet often on cars like these. It has to be put on from the back side of the timing chain sprocket and requires a decent amount of tear down to get too.  

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