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I have a photo of an old team with signatures of players such as ed beissee cab reneck jack perraule lew beck bud browning gene jones buddy York dick reich r.c. pitts and Gordon not sure on the spelling of the signatures. they are all in black jump suits it appears with a basketball hoop in the back ground. If you would like I could take a photo and forward it to you. Thank you Ronald

Basketball was a demonstration sport at the St. Louis Olympics of 1904 and then introduced to the Olympic programme in Berlin in 1936, therefore if any of those names became known for basketball before 1904 then, yes, it would be a photo of the first basketball team in the Olympics, if not, then no. Here's how those names stack up timewise

Potential to be around in 1904

Potential to be around in 1936
Ed Beisser (1909 - 2000),

Potential to be around after 1940
Lew Beck (1922 - 1975) and confirmed gold medal winner in London 1948, Omar "Bud" Browning 1911 - 1978) also confirmed gold medal winner in 1948, Dick Reich (dates unknown) but confirmed presence at the 1947 NCAA Tournament playing for Oklahoma, R C Pitts (1919 - 2011) and confirmed gold medal winner in 1948.

As three of the names are confirmed gold medal winners at the 1948 Olympics, I have looked for the roster of the 1948 American team (which is listed as)

Cliff Barker Forward 6-2 150 27 Satsuma, FL Kentucky
Don Barksdale Center 6-6 225 25 Los Angeles, CA Oakland Bittners (UCLA)
Ralph Beard Guard 5-10 176 20 Louisville, KY Kentucky
Lew Beck Guard 6-0 165 26 Pendleton, OR Phillips 66ers (Kansas)
Vince Boryla Guard 6-3 190 21 Englewood, CA Denver Nuggets (Denver)
Gordon Carpenter Center/Forward 6-7 220 21 Lakewood, CA Phillips 66ers (Arkansas)
Alex Groza Center 6-7 220 21 San Diego, CA Kentucky
Wallace Jones Center/Forward 6-4 205 22 Lexington, KY Kentucky
Bob Kurland Center 7-0 220 23 Bartlesville, OK Phillips 66ers (Oklahoma State)
Ray Lumpp Guard 6-0 170 25 East Williston, NY NYU
R. C. Pitts Forward 6-5 200 29 Baton Rouge, LA Phillips 66ers (Arkansas)
Jesse Renick Guard 6-2 185 30 San Francisco, CA Phillips 66ers (Oklahoma State)
Jackie Robinson Guard 6-0 180 21 Fort Worth, TX Baylor
Kenny Rollins Guard 6-0 170 24 Charleston, MO Kentucky

I am therefore tempted to say that you may have a photo of the gold medal winning team from 1948 but if you sent a photo to harryhayfield at Googlemail dot com with the subject heading "Medal Winning Team" then I would be happy to see if it matches


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