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Olympics/Formula racing car event in Olympics


QUESTION: Dear Harry

Is Formula racing car game event included in Olympics games?

if no,do you feel this should be included?


ANSWER: No, none of the Formulas (1, 2, 3000) are included in the Olympics for two reasons. First, the Formula One Administration (who oversee the sport) do not adopt the IOC's code on drug testing and secondly, the Olympics are a test of human endurance, motor racing does not test human endurance in the same way

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QUESTION: Dear Harry

Thank you.

I do not agree with the International Olympics committee for not including Formula car racing in the Olympics.

The reason behind this is the racing car is not running of its own but driven by a driver who is a human being. The Human being shows his driving skills by running the racing car with maximum speed with at the same time showing his balancing skills.

So I feel this sport should be included in the future Olympics games.

Can you please give your suggestion to the IOC ?


For a sport to be included in the Olympics it must meet two rules. Number 1) Does the international federation that administer the sport have an IOC membership and Number 2) Is the sport played by men in 75 countries on four continents and by women in 40 countries on three continents. If either of those rules are not met, then the sport can not be included in the Olympics.


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