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Oman/wish to visit oman and kenya


hello,im a 26yrs old nigerian actor.i wish to travel to dubai in january for holiday. to enjoy my trip fully,i plan to stop by in two or three countries.i know i'll get kenyan visa at the point of entry but i dont know about oman or beruit.pls help.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Many thanks for your question.

I will be able to answer the question of Oman only not Beirut.
When you reach Dubai, the visa to Oman you can get it the same day, whether at the airport or the border.
If you have visa for any of gulf countrise, you can get the visa for others. For example: when you get it for UAE, you can simply get it to visit Oman, Kuwait,Qatar, Bahrain and KSA. Unless there are restrictions on your nationality. I think it iwill be between 4 and 10 days only.

For any further details, you can visit Royal Omani Police website or UAE website for visa services.

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