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Hi, I am a medical student and suffering from a bit of hypochondria. I have several hard, immobile inguinal lymph nodes bilaterally. Maybe 3-4 on each side, and they are not noticeably enlarged or changing size. Beyond that, I am healthy but slightly anemic.

They have been there for what I believe to be several years, though I wasn't really paying much attention to them until we started our oncology block. Should this warrant a biopsy?  Thank you so much

You are describing a common problem. Hard enlarged non-tender nodes in the groin are found in many individuals.  We aren't sure why they pop up but when biopsied seem to be granulomatous.  Some people speculate that they are a reaction to fungal elements in the genitourinary tract, or less likely, the feet.  In any event, if they've been unchanged for many years and are not painful, I wouldn't give them another thought.  The anemia, though, might be worth looking into, because it's uncommon for a male of your age to have anemia.  You might have some low-grade gi blood loss or some deficiency state.  I'd check that out.  

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