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I'm 28, female.

A week ago I discovered a swelling at the base of my neck, on the left side - it felt quite hard and not very mobile. I had an ultrasound done and it showed a 10mm reactionary looking node on the lateral cervical area. The doctor prescribed me anti-inflammatory medication which I took for 4 days now. The 10mm node seems to have become a little softer and more mobile but did not decrease in size.

What got me concerned though, is that yesterday I've felt this smaller (4mm), rock-hard node(?) a bit lower than the other node. I wouldn't say it's in the supraclavicular fossa, it's still at the base of the neck, about 3cm above the collar bone. It's small, thin but hard and immovable. I thought it might be a small bone but there are no bones there and I have none of that on my right side. It's not easily felt, but it's easier if I lean forward and relax my neck.

I'm extremely scared about cancer... I have not been sick and my blood work which I've had 2 weeks ago is very good. I seem to have IgG antibodies for Cytomegalovirus.

My doctor isn't very concerned but I don't think she was able to palpate the small, harder node.

For the past 1-2 weeks I've had a bit of discomfort in the left side of my abdomen, but I also suffer from anxiety and can't tell which symptoms I have are serious and which are caused by my fears. The doctor palpated my abdomen and spleen and did not find anything wrong.

Do you think I should push for an excisional biopsy on both of these nodes? Could this be lymphoma? Or perhaps another type of cancer?

I feel okay otherwise, not tired, or anything. But extremely apprehensive.

Thank you for any help!

To be sure let your doctor check this new lump too. They may very well be connected (infectio/inflammation). I doubt that a biopsy is necessary if everything else looks fine but if nothing happens with the lesions in the coming weeks or they grow biopsies probably should be done, especially to calm you. Otherwise I do not think anything needs to be done now. Good luck!

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