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Hello Mr. Bank,

Good to see you have survived TC and seem quite dedicated to people getting around it.

I am a 21 year old male with a supernumerary nipple. I have just read some newer studies suggesting that there is a good link between these accessory nipples and cancer concerning the urinary tract and testicles. Possibly other issues with those organs too.


Anyways, now I am worried. I have also had several VCUGs and xrays when I was younger. I feel like now I am basically waiting to get some sort of cancer. It's discouraging, but...

Suppose these links are veritible. Would having the nipple removed slash the increased risk or is it something that is established from when it is formed during before birth?

And, do you think that the accessory nipple is the cause of these issues, or the reverse?

Thanks for your time Mr. Bank.



I have never heard anything like this before, so you actually know more than me. I won't say that it is meaningless or nonsense because the links do imply some sort of association between the two. However, I am quite sure that it is not a causal association. There is no reason to believe that the actual accessory nipple is the cause of any issues. It would be whatever caused the accessory nipple in the first place (which happened very early during pregnancy) that caused the "defect" and, presumably, increased the risk of other issues as well.

Frankly, I wouldn't pay any attention other than perhaps making sure you see a dermatologist every year. Your risk of testicular cancer is irrelevant, and I will tell you what I tell everyone else. If you have testicles, check them monthly. If something about them changes from month to month, go and see the doctor right away. You can't lose with that advice.

Good Luck!!

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