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Oncology (General Cancer)/my 4 yr old nephew is being referred to an oncologist


a doctor during a checkup noticed something on my 4 yr old nephews left testicle and has referred him to a n oncologist. can you please tell me what " 7mm classification inferior aspect of left testicle" is or what it means?


I am sorry, but pediatrics is not my area of expertise. It is unlikely, though not absolutely impossible, for your son to have a typical case of testicular cancer. Those cancers typically affect males after puberty. It is possible that it is cancer or something similar (benign tumor) that started in the testicle, but it would be different from what you might think of as testicular cancer. This is not going to sound great, but given that you already have been told to see an oncologist, I assume you are thinking bad thoughts already. It could also be a systemic disease like leukemia or lymphoma that can potentially cause a testicular mass.

As I said, I am definitely not an expert here and hear of very few cases like it.

Anyway, what kind of doctor have you seen? The wording you sent is not particularly meaningful to me, and it sounds like it came from a radiologist reading an ultrasound. Basically, it is saying there is something in the lower left testicle. 7mm sounds kind of big for such a little kid. Is this testicular mass the reason you went to the doctor in the first place, or was it caught during a regular checkup?  Have youy seen a pediatric urologist? Are there other problems that are causing your doctor to recommend seeing an oncologist?


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