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I had a neck ct today because for the last two months I have had a deep aching pain in the right side of my neck. There are no visible lumps or bumps it swollen nodes which the doctor found.
My question is will the neck ct show my whole head and neck including my tonsil area? The pain feels deep in one spot so I am hoping its muscular but the doctor wants to be sure. I just didnt know if the ct would show my whole head and neck region? I did have a sinus ct but they didnt say anything so I assume it only showed my sinus cavity.of course my worst fear is cancer of some sort. I am 29 and a non smoker overall in good health s little overweight. Thanks.

I doubt you have cancer at your age.  The CT of the neck shows everything from the base of the skull to the top of the thoracic cavity.  It might show your tonsils, but not guaranteed.  I think your pain is musculoskeletal.  It's not uncommon.  If nothing shows in the ct scan I'd ask for a referral to a pain specialist to consider local injections.  

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