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Hi Donald this is Sean again. I went to my doctor today he says that for some reason the breasts are swollen and so is the tissue. He said he does not know why but he did not feel it was medication wise. He said that the Rapaflo may be the cause but their is no side affects from Rapaflo that messes with the breasts. So he did regular blood work and he is sending me to an endocrinologist for further evaluation.

If the breast tissue is swollen, that means you have "bilateral gynecomastia".  There are many causes, but in general it means that there is too much estrogen effect, or too little testosterone effect.  Psychoactive drugs are known to cause this.  It does not mean you don't have enough testosterone, it may be because the drug is blocking the effect of testosterone.  I agree with an endocrine evaluation, as there are other causes.  Let me know what the endoc says.

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