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My son is 24 and has asbergers he's never been sick a day in his life, and very active, In Feb he started sleeping alot  & his gums were bleeding we also noticed blood spots near his hairline and now on his head and back, they look like blood dots we went to the Dr and were shocked to find out he had lost 10lbs in a month, we also reported that he couldn't get through a meal without resting in between( feeling full) but he had been finishing after blood test we were told his White blood count & protein were high, WBC being around 11.6 the next few tests his WBC was 12-13.6 and is now 14, he was tested for Mono, lyme and all the usual suspects, all negative, the next week the Dr examined him and  said his spleen felt enlarged he did an ultrasound and  it confirmed his spleen was enlarged, a week later a catscan told us it was not enlarged, we were sent to a hemotologist/oncologist who did some blood work and told us he did NOT have leukemia, he now has hip pain, it started coming and going  and now its really painful we just had x-rays today, he also lost 4 more pounds and he HAS been eating, he also reports feeling feverish on & off with a burning feeling in his right temple also numbness in his legs, I know this is alot but like i said, he's never been sick a day in his 24 years, getting scared

Firstly Asberger's has nothing to do with the current symptoms.
Secondly, in viral infections, diagnostic tests are of not much use. Go to a medical school and consult a Internal medicine specialist. Their expertise is in identification of rare diseases.

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