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can painless bright red urine in 15 year old boy with no other symptom which occur only 1 day and ultrasound and urine microscopic was normal can it be sign of bladder cancer or other tumor

Red-colored urine is not necessarily blood - red or brownish urine discoloration can be caused by other things (for example, muscle breakdown, foods, etc).  Part of the reason for doing the urine microscopic is to confirm that there are indeed red blood cells in the urine. If the presence of blood is confirmed, note that up to 5% (one in twenty) of adolescents will have blood at some point in one urine sample.  The chance of the blood being related to any kind of cancer is extremely small.  If he has had a negative microscopic and ultrasound and this is a one-time episode of bleeding, nothing more needs to be done.  

Please note that extensive testing to try to uncover a disease like bladder cancer in an adolescent, when the chance of actually having cancer is so unlikely, has its own price (and I don't mean just in dollars).  There is no treatment or diagnostic test in medicine that does not have a down side.  Tests should be done if there is a reasonable chance of finding out something worthwhile (or ruling something out).  But, if it is very doubtful that the testing is going to shine any light on what is going on, they are not worth subjecting you child to.   

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