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Hi, I recently had a urine test/culture and everything came out normal except for blood in urine was 2+.  I am 46 and in menopause so it can't be menstrual blood.  I am so scared I have bladder cancer.  It showed nothing to indicate an infection just this blood.  My urine looks clear so it is blood that is seen under a microscope.  I have 3 kids and am so scared I can barely function.  I retest in a month and if it still shows blood I will see a urologist.  Does blood always mean cancer?  Is microscopic blood worse than gross hematuria?  Hope you can offer some insight.  Thanks.

This condition is called hematuria and can have these causes:

Urinary tract infection with viruses,[2] other sexually transmitted diseases (particularly in women)[2] or some bacterial species including strains of EPEC and Staphylococcus saprophyticus
Bladder stones
Kidney stones or ureter stones

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