Oncology (General Cancer)/do i have testicle cancer


2 years ago i was checked by 2 family doctors
they checked my testicle by hands and they said nothing found

now i feel uncomfortable feeling in my left testicle and sometimes pain
i think it is only when sitting or sleeping
i went to my family doctor again who checked my left testicle again and said its fine
i told him do you think it is a testicle cancer and he said no

i read on the internet testicle tumor is very easy to detect
so if it was a tumor the doctor was able to detect it right?

im 27

I have no idea if you have cancer, but your doctor is ignoring your symptoms, and that is not right. Sometimes when you ask the doctor whether or not you have cancer, they forget you actually have symptoms that need to be dealt with regardless of whether you have cancer  

Anyway, I think you should go see a urologist and don't lead the doctor on. Explain how it is bothering you and font leave without getting some kind of treatment.  You can ask at the end about cancer, but don't leave if they tell you everything is normal because it certainly sounds like something is wrong.  

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