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QUESTION: sir what is the accuracy of ultrasound in detecting bladder cancer does ultrasound can miss any tumor in bladder
dos cancer of uniary bladder or urinary tract can occur in teenage

ANSWER: Ultrasounds are not very good at detecting bladder cancer; they are useful in finding kidney stones or kidney cancer.  Cancers of the urinary tract are extremely rare in teenagers, especially teenage males.  

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QUESTION: my friend show bright red urine but the urine microscopic show rbc nil and he has a ultrasound which was normal could ultrasound miss any abnormal tumor his age is just 15 a man said it could be symptom of bladder cancer

ANSWER: The ultrasound could easily miss bladder cancer or a small cancer of any kind.  bladder cancer is almost unheard of at age 15 and I'm sure the ultrasound was done to look for kidney stones.  I would not worry.  

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QUESTION: r u sure it was not because of cancer of urinary tract my friend said that it happen more than a month ago it lasted only 1 day intially urine was red and later pink next day he went to the doctor and have urine microscopic test which was negative for rbc

I don't know what was in the mind of the doctor, but ultrasound tests aren't very good at finding cancer, unless the cancer is in the kidney or the liver, and even then, it has to be fairly large.  And even then, if the ultrasound finds something, it still has to be proven by biopsy.  So I don't think an ultrasound in a 15 year old with possible urinary tract bleeding was done to find cancer.  Maybe the doctor who ordered it thought differently.  

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