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Last October, I had an abnormal reaction to the sun. As I have a past history of skin cancer, I take great pride in protecting my skin and preventing more problems. This day, I was covered, had on sun screen, wasn't out very long and had a terrible reaction that Didnt fit with any burn I had ever had (that's saying a lot). My dermatologist treated this with high dose steroid injections (short and long acting) and cortisone cream. It cleared up provided I continued the cortisone cream and Didnt o in the sun. Either of those, and the reaction would return. Within weeks, I had a skin lesion that wouldn't heal and was growing. A biopsy showed this was an inflitrative basal cell (vermilion border lower lip center and on the lip). I had it removed with Mohs and reconstruction from my plastic surgeon.

About a week after the surgery, my lymph node on the left side of my neck was swollen and was
Interfereing with swallowing. I was put on levaquin for 10 days and told this was a post surgical infection. The lymph node went down a little bit but never completely.  I was then put on another 10 days of levaquin.  At my surgical follow up, my plastic surgeon said this wasn't a surgical infection, especially given that my wound had not had issues and the time course of the appearance and the fact that it was still present. (I happen to agre with his impression.) I have been using him for 12 years for skin removals so, He is well aware of my medical history and general presentation of various things.

At some point in this treatment of levaquin, I starte getting shortness of breath, chest pain and an intermittent cough. This has since progressed to an almost continuous cough.  I do have asthma. But, this was not my asthma.

Recently, my pulmonologist did lung function testing. My diffusion rate showed a decline (significant) since my last testing 2 years ago. I was sent for a chest ct, and checked for deep vein thrombosis. The only finding was a 6mm bony sclerosis on my right proximal femur. (No other description given by radiologist.)  The same day as my CT, I had bloodwork: here are the highlights:
WBC- 15.6k/mm3
Platelet- 363 k/mm3
Nucleated RBC- none detected
Esonophil a-0%
Absolute neutrophils-14.9
Absolute lymphocytes-0.59
Absolute monocytes-0.05
Absolute esonophils- 0.01
Absolute basiphils- 0

My BP has been outrageously high. 185/115, 151/125 etc.

I was sent for a cardiac workup due to shortness of breathe. I was told I have grade 1 left ventricular  diastolic dysfunction, hard heart, a pof and possibly another hole. But, that he did not think this was my problem. I asked about no meds. He said no- he didn't think this was my problem and this would only mask problems.

Meanwhile, I'm getting more miserable. I am coughing more. I swell periodically and I am miserable.

My pulmonologist is genuinely trying to figure out what is going on and sent me for a barium swallow in addition to the ct and lung function testing. I don't have the results of the barium swallow yet.

What am I missin here? Lymph node still swollen in neck. Trouble swallowing. Bloodwork is abnormal and I have been sick since October. The is getting ridiculous and frustrating.

I do have a history of skin cancers. I had cervical cancer many years ago caught early.
I have had a breast biopsy and have a strong family history of BC and ovarian cancer and some strange types of cancer, too. But, so far, I have been lucky.

Does the bloodwork point to anything?
Does the 6mm bony sclerosis have anything to do with this?
Any suggestions?


One question immediately comes to mind. With a history of skin cancer and living in Florida why do you expose yourself to the sun at all? Even with sun screen etc. that is not anything to be recommended! Basal cell carcinomas rarely form metastases. Even so since you are worried by your lymph node I suggest - if possible where you are - a fine/thin needle aspiration biopsy of it to have it checked. The sclerotic bone lesion should be checked by a radiology specialist to see if it is a sign of a threat or not. Unfortunately the rest of your questions are mainly outside my area of expertise here and should be directed to your own doctors. Your blood work results do not show any sure signs of malignancy. Good luck!

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