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i'm a 50 yr old male. i have noticed a probably 1 cm node under left armpit a year and a half ago.... could have been there longer as far as i know. it is not growing as far as i can tell. i've also had a few groin nodes on left side same size or maybe bigger that MD had CT scanned back in '07 and came back normal. is a node under arm this size normal? or should i have my GP take a look at? it is moveable under fingers some. i do not feel one this size under the right arm. but i don't feel the groin nodes on the right side either. just wanted an opinion on if this warrants a visit to the doctor or if this is considered normal.
thank you.

A good rule of thumb is that if there is a "mass" on your body which is not changing and doesn't feel tender, it is probably benign.  The only way to tell for sure is to biopsy it.  A node in the armpit may very well be a furuncle, (an old infection of a hair follicle) which is benign.  Groin nodes are not uncommon in adults.  I would check the node once a month or so and see the MD if there is some change.  I should point out that there are some very slowly growing lymphomas that can behave this way.  Having one of these is not life-threatening, even if several years go by before anything is done.  In fact there is a controversy over whether anything should be done about this subcategory of lymphoma.  Hope this helps.  

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